Lent Lasts for 40 Days… Have You Ever Wondered Why?

The observance of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, where we are literally marked with a symbol of penitence, culminating six weeks later in the celebration of our Lord's Resurrection. But have you ever wondered why there are exactly forty days to Lent?

Heaven, Hell, and What Exactly? Purgatory Explained

When we die, we have but three destinations: Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. What exactly is purgatory, why is it necessary, and what basis do we have for its existence?

Amazing Coincidence or Proof? All Major Relics of Christ Have the...

Amazing coincidence or proof? When scientific studies were performed on miraculous consecrated Hosts that turned into physical flesh and blood, along with relics of Christ, they were all found to be of the same blood type - type AB.

What Happens When a Church Is Closed?

As demographics shift and the needs of Catholic communities change, some dioceses have to make the difficult decision to close down a church. What exactly happens to a church that is closed down?

According to the Bible, This Is Where The Battle of Armageddon...

The Book of Revelation prophesies that an end-times battle will be fought at a place called Armageddon. However, Armageddon isn't just an abstract term used to describe the final battle between good and evil - its actually a real place in Israel.

5 of the Earliest Non-Biblical References to Jesus

There are many secular and non-Christian writings from just shortly after His Ascension all the way to the fifth century that describe the Earthly Life of Jesus. What do these writings have to offer to us? Here are five of the earliest non-Biblical references to Jesus Christ.

Did You Know? Bluetooth Is Named After the First Christian Viking...

Bluetooth is a household name with its iconic logo present on almost every device we own. But have you ever wondered just how Bluetooth got its bizarre name? It turns out we owe the namesake to the first Christian Viking king.

The Miraculous Grotto Where Mary Breastfed Jesus

When the Holy Family fled Egypt from Herod's soldiers, they rested in a grotto near Bethlehem before continuing on their journey. Tradition says when Mary nursed the Baby Jesus, a single drop of milk fell on the ground, miraculously turning the entire cave a pure white.

The Obscure Rule That Allows a Person to Ride a Horse...

Every year, almost five million Christians make pilgrimage to the Vatican to celebrate and grow in their Faith, and to see the many sites rich in the history of the Church. However, there is one site any visitor would probably never think they would see - a horse.

The Only Man That Was the Pope More Than Once

Becoming pope is literally a once in a life time honor. So much so that old Church traditions would have the pontiff-elect refuse the office twice to show proper reverence before finally accepting. Would you believe a man was pope not only once or twice, but three times?