Cardinal Burke Gives COVID-19 Recovery Update

Cardinal Burke said it would be 'several more week's before he can return to his normal activities.

Did You Know? Why We Have Juries of Twelve

No law doesn't require twelve jurors for criminal trials, but for 1300 years, that's been the tradition.

Reconstruction Begins as Notre-Dame Deemed Safe

Nearly two and half years since the devastating fire, the Notre-Dame Cathedral has been deemed safe to begin rebuilding.

Pope Francis Meets Catholic Afghan Family Who Fled From the Taliban

Pope Francis accepted the wedding ring of a Catholic Afghan woman whose husband is missing 'as a commitment of friendship and a sign of hope.'

When the Papal States Were (Briefly) Secular

For a brief time, the Papal States were governed by the secular Roman Republic.

Did You Know? Pope John Paul II Released a Devotional Album...

The album peaked at #175 on the Billboard album chart, going triple platinum in Poland.

Vaccine Pass Required to Visit the Vatican

The mandate comes after Pope Francis asked 'to take all appropriate measures to prevent, control and combat the ongoing public health emergency.'

Papal-Mâché: When the Pope Was Crowned in Paper

The paper papal tiara was popular for many popes during lengthy ceremonies, due to its superior breathability and lightweight construction.

Pope Francis: ‘Abortion Is More Than a Problem, It’s Murder’

Pope Francis discussed abortion, Communion to politicians, gay marriage, vaccination & more on his in-flight press conference leaving Slovakia.

Watch: Pope Francis’ September Prayer Intention for an Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle

Pope Francis said: 'pray that we all will make courageous choices necessary for a simple and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.'

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