Pope Francis to Meet With Israeli and Palestinian Families

Pope Francis will meet separately with Israeli and Palestinian families affected by the war on Wednesday to share humanitarian and spiritual support 🕊️

Report Shows Surge in Anti-Christian Hate Crimes Across Europe

There was a worrying 44% increase in anti-Christian hate crimes across Europe last year, highlighting the need for awareness and action 👉

Did Jesus Really Write This Letter to a 1st Century King?

Pious legend says THIS letter may have been written by Jesus Himself to the 1st-century King Abgar! 📜🔍

US Catholic Bishops Emphasize Abortion as Key Focus in Voter Guidance...

US Bishops affirmed abortion as the "pre-eminent" moral and social concern for Catholic voters in their 2024 election guide 👉

Vatican Reaffirms Ban on Catholics Joining Freemasonry

The Vatican & Pope Francis recently reaffirmed the long-standing prohibition for Catholics against joining Freemasonry 👉

Pope Francis Encourages Youth with a Message of Hope Amidst Dark...

Read Pope Francis' inspiring message of hope and resilience to young people facing global crises and uncertainties 👉

How Saint Christina the Astonishing Was Resurrected by the Smell of...

Discover the astonishing story of Saint Christina the Astonishing, who resurrected during her funeral, driven by the "smell" of sin! 👉

Italian Senate Launches Inquiry into Emanuela Orlandi’s 1983 Disappearance

The Italian Senate approved an investigation into the 1983 disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, a 15-year-old Vatican City resident 👉

Pope Francis Emphasizes Inner Life over Outward Appearances in Angelus Address

Pope Francis stressed the importance of nurturing the 'oil' of the soul over external image in his insightful Angelus address 👉

Benedict XVI’s Former Home Welcomes Contemplative Nuns

The Vatican's Mater Ecclesiae Monastery transitions from Pope Benedict XVI's former home to a spiritual haven for contemplative Argentine Benedictine nuns 🛐