Watch: Mass Disrupted by Nude Pro-Abortion Activist

'The incident' took place Sunday at Saint Veronica Parish in Eastpointe, Michigan, about about 20 minutes north of Detroit.

Inside The Bizarre Catholic Secret Society: ”Order of the Pug”

What was the "Order of the Pug" exactly? A Catholic secret society once tried to skirt papal law, and new members had to wear dog collars, bark, and kiss a Pug's behind during their initiation ritual.

Watch: Shipwreck of Last Catholic King of England Discovered

The royal warship 🚢 sank in 1682 carrying the future last Catholic monarch of England, King James II.

Did You Know? There’s a Saint Lucifer

Believe it or not, Saint Lucifer is a real Catholic saint! Learn more about him.

Pope Francis: ‘Plague of Pornography a Threat to Public Health’

What do you think? Pope Francis spoke about the challenges facing families today, calling pornography a 'plague.'

‘I’ve Been Expecting You:’ The Last Words of the Antimafia Priest...

Click to learn more about the life of the 'Antimafia' priest Giuseppe "Pino" Puglisi, the first person killed by the Mafia declared Blessed by the Church.

Department of Homeland Security Warns ‘Faith-Based Institutions’ Could Be ‘Possible Targets’

After rumors the DHS warned US Bishops of 'credible threats' if Roe v. Wade is overturned, the National Terrorism Advisory System released a bulletin warning 'houses of worship' are 'possible targets' amid a 'heightened threat environment' in the US.

Pope Francis to Visit Resting Place of First Pope to Resign

The rumor mill is buzzing after Pope Francis' visit to L'Aquila was announced, the resting place of the first pope to resign and also where Benedict XVI visited before resigning from the papacy.

Boy Asks Pope Francis “Can You Come to Ukraine to Save...

Pope Francis told the boy: 'I think a lot about children in Ukraine,' and said he wants to go as soon as possible. 🙏 Pray for Ukraine!

Why Shepherds Have ”Judas Goats”

Why do 🧑‍🌾 shepherds need Judas 🐐 goats? And what exactly IS a Judas goat? Learn all about it!