The Index Librorum Prohibitorum: When the Church Had a List of...

Texts on the "List of Prohibited Books" were deemed heretical or contrary to morality, and thus a Catholic had to ask for permission to read them.

7 Secrets Catholic Exorcists Want You To Know

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Charles Fraune, author of the book “Slaying Dragons”, to discuss exorcism, demons, blessed and cursed items, and other secrets that Exorcists want everyone to know.

Did You Know? Groundhog Day Has a Catholic Candlemas Origin

Ever notice that Groundhog day and Candlemas fall on the same day? It's no coincidence: the weather folklore day has a Catholic origin.

Catholic History: Why Do We Receive Ashes on Wednesday?

"You are dust, and to dust you shall return" - ashes symbolize our mortality and sinfulness. How did the tradition of the imposition of ashes begin?

Catholic History: The Earliest Sources for How the Eucharist Was Celebrated

Is our celebration of the Eucharist the same today as it was in the earliest days of the Church?

Does God Hear Your Prayers If You’re in a State of...

Some say that if you're in a state of mortal sin, your prayers go unanswered by God and "do nothing." Is this really true?

Catholic History: The Earliest Sources for the December 25th Christmas Date

Around Christmas those who profess to care not about religion love to extoll their pathological zeal that Christ wasn't born on the 25th - are they correct?

Meet Bartolo Longo, the Former Satanic Priest Turned Catholic Saint

Blessed Bartolo Longo was an ordained "satanic priest" before returning to the Catholic Faith and eventually becoming a third order Dominican.

Thomas Aquinas Believed in the Immaculate Conception… Right?

Detractors say Thomas Aquinas rejected the dogma of the Immaculate Conception - did the Angelic Doctor really have a misconception about the Conception?

Cardinal Sarah Meets With Benedict XVI over Book Controversy: “No Misunderstanding”

After they released a book defending clerical celibacy, Cardinal Sarah met with Benedict XVI to ensure there was "no misunderstanding" that he was coauthor.

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