The Ancient Papal Tradition of the Golden Rose

For over a millennium, popes have been blessing Golden Roses to give away as a sign of papal affection.

Did You Know? Confession Has Historical Proof (A Lot)

Take a historical dive into the the tradition of the sacrament of penance from the Church Fathers themselves!

Watch: Pope Francis’ Message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees

The Vatican's video series recounts the personal experience of several migrants who have felt welcome as members of a parish.

Why This Church Combines Gothic Style, Indian Craftsmanship… and a Russian...

How did this Catholic Church end up with Gothic design principles, Indian fine craftmanship, and a Russian dome?

Pope Francis Grants Indulgence to Post Pandemic Pilgrims to Italy

A plenary indulgence will be granted for pilgrims visiting one of Italy's shrines, an initiative known as 'Now comes the beautiful.'

Was Van Goph’s First Starry Night Secretly a Painting of the...

Van Goph wrote: 'that doesn't stop me having a terrible need for - dare I say the word - for religion. So I go outside at night to paint the stars.'

Watch: Pope Francis’ June Prayer Intention for the Beauty of Marriage

Pope Francis asked: 'Is it true, what some people say—that young people don’t want to get married, especially during these difficult times?'

Pope Francis Finishes Marathon of Prayer With Rosary ‘for an End...

Turning before an image of Mary, Undoer of Knots, Pope Francis prayed the final Rosary in the Month of Marian prayer to end the pandemic.

Holy Ring: Could This Be the Actual Wedding Ring of Joseph...

The Santo Anello, Holy Ring, is said to be the wedding ring given to Mary by Joseph.

Pope Francis Kisses Tattoo of Holocaust Survivor

Exchanging no words, they 'understood each other with a glance.' Pope Francis leaned down to kiss her tattoo: 70072, from her time as an Auschwitz prisoner.

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