Viganò Excommunicated for Schism After Refusing Vatican Trial

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has been excommunicated for schism after refusing to attend a Vatican trial addressing his public statements against Pope Francis 👉

British Celebrities Urge Pope Francis to Maintain Traditional Latin Mass

In an open letter, British cultural icons and celebrities have urged Pope Francis to reconsider restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass 👉

Surprising Ways Men Can Spiritually Protect Their Wives Beyond Physical Strength!

Cherish your wife beyond physical strength with emotional stability, consistent presence, and tenderness!

Watch Pope Francis’ July Prayer Intention for the Pastoral Care of...

🙏 Pray with Pope Francis for the pastoral care of the sick! Watch his official prayer intention for July 👉

4 of the Craziest Catholic Rules You’ve Never Heard Of!

Discover the craziest Catholic rules, from what happens when popes die and aquatic mammals to lunar bishops! 👉

Pope Francis Helps Mediate Release of 10 Ukrainian Prisoners from Russia

Pope Francis successfully helped with mediating the release of 10 Ukrainian prisoners, including two priests and a Crimean Tatar representative, from Russian captivity.

Carlo Acutis Approved for Canonization by Pope Francis As First Millennial...

Pope Francis approved the canonization of Carlo Acutis, the first millennial saint, known for his devotion to Eucharistic miracles 👉

Did Crusader Knights from Georgia Fight in World War I?

These Georgian highlanders are believed to be descendants of medieval Crusader knights, who volunteered to fight in WWI! 👉

Viganò Refuses Vatican Schism Trial, Accuses Pope Francis of Heresy Instead

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò announced on June 28 that he will not participate in a Vatican summons to face charges of schism. The archbishop had...

Pope Francis Orders Construction of Solar Farm to Power Vatican

Pope Francis has announced a solar energy initiative to transition Vatican City to renewable power with an agrivoltaic system ☀️🔋