Cleveland Mayor Confronts Diocese’s New LGBTQ School Policies

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb criticized the Diocese of Cleveland's new LGBTQ policies in their schools. The Diocese says the policy reflects Church teachings 👉

Why Did Mary Appear at Fátima? Venerable Fulton J Sheen’s Answer...

Unearth the unexpected link between Fátima's apparitions and an age-old Islamic love story! 🕊 Learn Fulton J Sheen’s take on Our Lady's message 👉

Pope Francis Calls for Support Following Libyan Floods

Pope Francis expresses deep sorrow over the Libyan floods, urging global support and prayers 🙏

Pope Francis Advocates for “Audacity of Peace” in Passionate Plea to...

Pope Francis appealed for a bold, innovative approach to foster global peace, urging leaders and individuals alike to embrace the "audacity of peace" 🕊️

Catholic Archbishop Backs New Mexico’s Controversial Gun Ban

Archbishop John Wester of Santa Fe supports Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's temporary gun ban in Bernalillo County, emphasizing the sanctity of human life amidst rising gun violence in New Mexico.

Sylvester Stallone’s Unexpected ‘Boxing Match’ with Pope Francis at the Vatican!

🥊 When Rocky met the Pope! Watch the moment Sylvester Stallone 'boxed' with Pope Francis in the heart of the Vatican 👉

Nigerian Seminarian Killed in Fiery Rectory Attack

A 25-year-old Nigerian seminarian, Na'aman Danlami, tragically died after militants set ablaze the St. Raphael Fadan Kamantan during an attempted kidnapping.

The Majestic Botafumeiro Thurible Swings at a Remarkable 42mph!

The Botafumeiro, a grand thurible in Spain's Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, swings dramatically during sacred ceremonies đź’¨

Ukrainian Bishops Confront Pope Francis Over Russia Remarks

Ukrainian Catholic bishops expressed concern to Pope Francis over his remarks about Russia, fearing they bolster Russian propaganda and diminish Ukraine's distinct national identity 👉

New Documents Spotlight Catholic Institutions’ Role in Protecting Jews During WWII

Unearthed documents reveal Catholic institutions' heroic efforts in hiding thousands of Jews from Nazis during WWII! 🕊️