Pope Francis Meets With NBA Players to Discuss Social Issues

Pope Francis personally requested the meeting himself to learn more about social advocacy by NBA players.

Highest Level of Governmental Religious Persecution Found in More Than a...

Pew found governmental restrictions on religion were at a decade high in 2018.

How Accepting an Apology Led to Pope Gregory VII Dying in...

8 years after accepting the apology of Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV, he died in exile.

How Titular Sees Came to Be

Bishops fleeing from Muslim conquest would retain their titles over dioceses they no longer lived in.

Report Shows McCarrick Deceived Pope Saint John Paul II

The 'McCarrick Report' showed he lied to John Paul II in order to be appointed archbishop of Washington.

Pope Francis Calls to Congratulate Joe Biden

Pope Francis congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in a phone call last Thursday.

Vatican Announces Release of ‘McCarrick Report’

The long awaited 'McCarrick Report' will be published tomorrow.

Saint Catherine’s ‘Mystical Marriage’ To Jesus

'A vision in which Christ tells a soul that He takes it for His bride, presenting it with the customary ring, and the apparition is accompanied by a ceremony.'

Ancient Ruins Discovered Where Jesus Founded the Church on Peter

Pious tradition holds Jesus tasked Peter with establishing the Church and said the famous phrase: 'You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church.'

Stylites: The ‘Pillar-Saints’ Who Spent Their Entire Lives Atop a Pillar

The first was Saint Symeon the Stylite, who climbed a pillar in 423 and remained there until his death 37 years later.

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