San Diego Bishop Asks Priests Not to Give Vaccine Religious Exemption

Bishop McElroy of San Diego told priests to "caringly decline" any Catholics requesting a religious exemption for the COVID vaccine.

How This Catholic Priest Given the Medal of Honor Saved FedEx...

Lieutenant Servant of God Vincent Robert Capodanno taught the founder of Fedex how to play blackjack in Vietnam... later, almost bankrupt, he saved the company with his winnings from a casino.

With Taliban in Control, Pope Francis Prays for Peace in Afghanistan

Pope Francis said: 'I ask all of you to pray with me to the God of peace so that the clamor of weapons might cease and solutions can be found at the table of dialogue.'

Jesus Was Adopted. Was Saint Joseph Adopted Too?

St. Joseph is said to have two different fathers and two different grandfathers. How could that be? Here's a a hint. He wasn't the only one with two fathers. Jesus did, too.

When Teresa of Avila Made an Obscene Gesture at Jesus… &...

One confessor was so sure her visions were from the devil, he told her to make an obscene gesture every time she had experienced a vision of Jesus.

Heaven Can Wait… But a Phone Call With the Pope Can’t

During his general audience, Pope Francis took an unexpected phone call before leaving the room.

Investigation Underway Into Priest Slaying in France

French media say the priest welcomed the 40 year old suspect, Emmanuel Abayisenga, into his parish after admitting to starting the Nantes Cathedral fire.

Snow During Summer in Rome? Yes, It Happened (Miraculously, Too.)

The outline for one of Rome's most famous churches today was outlined in the snow by this pope.

The Church & Chocolate: When the Pope Said “Yes”

Chocolate used to be so controversial, a pope had to give approval it could be drank!

Watch: Pope Francis’ August Prayer Intention for Church Reform

Pope Francis said: 'pray for the Church, that she may receive from the Holy Spirit the grace and strength to reform herself in the light of the Gospel.'

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