Study Finds Soaring Suicide Rates Where Euthanasia Is Legal

A new study found legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide leads to increased suicide rates. 🙏Pray for the protection of life!

German Priest Contradicts Pope & Calls Porn ”Relief” for Celibates

Last month, Pope Francis warned seminarians that pornography "weakens the soul." Now, this German priest has said it can actually be a "relief" for celibates.

New President of US Bishops Happy to Meet Biden

After being elected president of the US Bishops Conference, Archbishop Timothy Broglio said he would be "happy" to meet with President Biden.

Hate Crimes Against Christians on the Rise in Europe for 2021

In just one year, there were more than 500 anti-Christian hate crimes including 4 homicides in Europe. 🙏 Pray for persecuted Christians!

The Nun Killed for Her Prophecy About Henry VIII Remarrying

Known as the "Holy Maid of London," she became the only woman whose head was displayed on the London Bridge. Learn the incredible true story👉

1/4 of Irish Priests to Reach Retirement in Age in 15...

🕈🍀The numbers have people asking: "If these priests are no longer working, who will do the work?"

Benedict XVI to Defend Abuse Coverup Claims

The retired pope has maintained he wasn't "aware of sexual abuse committed or suspicion of sexual abuse committed by priests" and said "the victims of sexual abuse have my deepest sympathy and I feel great sorrow for each individual case."

When This Saint Prayed for Her Children to Die… and They...

Learn the true story about Saint Rita of Cascia 👉

Pope Francis Meets With James Martin

Pope Francis met with Father James Martin 🤝 for the second time in the Vatican. Here's what they talked about 👉

Vatican Opens Abuse Investigation Into French Cardinal

The Holy See Press Office say because of what "emerged in the last few days," an investigation into French Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard was opened.