Advice From a Saint on How to Receive Communion Reverently in...

Normally receive on the tongue but your diocese recommends to receive on the hand because of coronavirus? Here's saintly advice on how to do so reverently.

A Blessing Out Of A Virus: How God Can Bring Goodness...

God can bring forth good from evil: manmade or natural. So don’t let a crisis go to waste in your vocation to holiness.

Pope Francis Composes New Prayer to Our Lady For Protection From...

Pope Francis has composed a new prayer imploring the intercession of Our Lady for protection against the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Saint Corona: People Turning To Little Known Catholic Saint During Coronavirus...

As the world finds itself in the grip of the global Covid-19 Pandemic, many people are discovering and turning to a little known 2nd-Century Catholic Saint named Saint Corona.

Did You Know? How Mother’s Day Started in the Catholic Church

In the US, Mother's Day became a secular holiday in 1914, but most don't know Catholics have celebrated the original "Mothering Sunday" for much longer.

Pope Francis Tests Negative for Coronavirus

Squashing speculation in the media following a slight cold he suffered from, doctor's say Pope Francis has tested negative for coronavirus.

The Muratorian Fragment: The Oldest Known List of Books in the...

The Muratorian Fragment contains the oldest known canon of books included in the New Testament, over 200 years before Jerome's Vulgate.

This Saint Survived Being Shot to Death by Arrows

Sentenced to death, with bowmen as his executioners, Saint Sebastian survived being shot by arrows.

Do You Know? All the Catholic Saints of the Old Covenant

Here's a list of all of the Catholic Saints of the Old Covenant and their feast days. Test your knowledge and see how many you know!

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