Should Catholic Fathers Dictate Modesty? Debating Clothing Choices and Dignity

How can Catholic fathers guide their daughters' modesty and self-image positively, while reinforcing their dignity and faith? 👉

3 Inspiring Lessons from Sister Margie: Transforming Lives Through Faith and...

Discover how Sister Margie and The Daughters of Mary are changing lives in Tanzania with prayer, education, and motherly love, uplifting the poorest communities! ❤️

Pope Francis’ New Book ‘The Successor’ Details Decade of Coexistence With...

Pope Francis will reveal the dynamics of his relationship with Benedict XVI in a new book, offering a rare glimpse into the decade of two popes 👉

New Twist in Vatican Mystery: Emanuela Orlandi’s Brother Reveals Alleged Letter...

Pietro Orlandi revealed a letter alleging his sister Emanuela, missing since 1983, was pregnant and in London, urging further investigation into her mysterious Vatican disappearance 👉

Pope Francis Meets With Female Anglican Bishop To Discuss Women’s Roles...

Pope Francis met with Anglican Bishop Jo Bailey Wells and others at the Vatican to address the roles of women within the Church 👉

Pope Francis Calls for Global Action on 10th World Day Against...

Pope Francis called for global action against human trafficking, marking the 10th World Day of Prayer and Awareness with the message of "Listen, Dream, Act" 👉

What is “Wreckovation,” and Is It Changing Our Churches?

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New Research Confirms Biblical Destruction of Gath

Israeli researchers have used a novel magnetic analysis technique to validate the historical account of Gath's destruction by King Hazael, as described in the Bible 👉

Pope Francis Calls Out Hypocrisy in Criticism Over Same-Sex Couple Blessings

In a recent interview, Pope Francis defended the Vatican's document on blessings for people in same-sex couples, criticizing the hypocrisy in opposing them while ignoring other grave sins 👉

Vatican Issues Directive to Uphold Sacramental Integrity

The Vatican has mandated strict adherence to established sacramental formulas, warning that unauthorized changes can invalidate the sacraments, affecting the clergy and laity 👉