When The President Was Sworn In On A Roman Missal, Not...

Most presidents opted for the Bible - do you know when a Roman Catholic Missal was sworn upon?

Syria to Build Replica of Hagia Sophia

The replica will be a protest against Turkey's decision to convert the Byzantine cathedral into a mosque.

Read What Pope Francis Has To Say On Hope During The...

Feeling hopeless amid COVID? What Pope Francis has to say on hope during a pandemic might be what you need.

The Unexpected Reason Why 13 White Geese Live In The Barcelona...

Learn why the secluded Gothic cloister inside the Barcelona Cathedral is home to 13 white geese.

US Bishops & Eastern Churches To Hold ‘Day Of Mourning’ For...

The USCCB announced they would join the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in a 'day of mourning' for the Hagia Sophia tomorrow.

University Of Notre Dame Study: Americans Agree Abortion Not A ‘Desirable...

The study found unanimous agreement that abortion is not a 'desirable good.'

The Cure For Selfishness: Every Catholic Needs To Watch This Sermon...

His sermon is fitting for an increasingly secular Western world that eschews the spiritual for the material.

Did You Know? Saying ‘God Bless You’ After a Sneeze Originated...

Why do we say 'god bless you' after someone sneezes? The ubiquitous expression came during a pandemic.

Pictures: French Cathedral Set Ablaze in Suspected Arson

French President Emmanuel Macron said 'after Notre-Dame, the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul cathedral, in the heart of Nantes, is in flames. '

Chinese ‘Underground’ Bishop Presumed Dead 17 Years After Mysterious Disappearance

He was last seen at a hospital in 2003 and would be 88 years old today.

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