Study Shows US Catholics Views Jews & Judaism Positively

🙏🕊️ A new study showed positive US Catholic attitudes towards Jews & Judaism. Learn about the key findings and what it means for interfaith relations 👉

Pope Francis Gifts Sacred Relics to King Charles for Coronation Procession

🙏🏼👑🕊️ Pope Francis gifted relics of the True Cross incorporated into the Cross of Wales for the coronation procession of King Charles III, strengthening ties between British crown and Catholic Church. 🇬🇧🇻🇦

The Legend of the Devil’s Footprint: A Tale of Munich’s Cathedral

👹🏰 A grand cathedral built with a dark purpose and a deal with the Devil? Discover the legend of the Frauenkirche and the mysterious black footprint 👉

Notre Dame Restoration Update: Spire Done by Late 2023, Reopening Set...

After the devastating fire in 2019, Notre Dame Cathedral is being restored to its former glory. Here's an update on the progress and reopening date 👉

Tennessee Bishops Urge Stricter Gun Control Measures After Nashville Shooting

Religious leaders in Tennessee, including Catholic bishops, urged stricter gun control measures after the tragic school shooting in Nashville.

Beating the Bounds: The Enduring Significance of a Medieval Catholic Tradition

Discover the secret medieval Catholic tradition, Beating the Bounds 🌳✝️🚶‍♂️, and how it unites Faith, community, and history in a unique procession!

What Saint John Paul II Wrote About Divine Mercy Sunday Just...

Pope John Paul II's final message for Divine Mercy Sunday: embrace Christ's love that forgives, reconciles, and renews hope 🙏🕊️💖

Pope Francis Defends “Memory” of Pope Saint John Paul II

Pope Francis defended John Paul II against "unfounded and offensive" allegations made by the brother of the missing "Vatican Girl."

Pope Francis Challenges “Keyboard Warriors” to Spread Gospel

Pope Francis said "keyboard warriors" should step out and actively spread the Gospel's joyous message.

Pope Francis Shares His Experiences With Exorcisms

Pope Francis revealed his encounters with exorcism! Learn how prayer and self-reflection are our strongest defenses 👉