Is It Possible To Go To Mass With Children? Tips For...

Right now, it’s just a struggle to get my family to Mass, let alone learn all the words to the prayers! No matter how early I wake up or how many outfits I carefully lay out the night before it seems that something will inevitably slow us down.

Shining the Light of Christ on Social Media

I have instant access to all of the news I want right on my phone. For better or worse, I can read instant reactions from people on Twitter. All of this has profound ramifications for how we Catholics can spread the Gospel.

New Eucharistic Miracle Approved In Poland After Amazing DNA Tests

The Bishop of Legnica, Zbigniew Kiernikowski, announced on April 17 that a reported "bleeding Host" that “has the hallmarks of a Eucharistic miracle” was approved for...

Porn And The Curse Of Total Sexual Freedom

Pornography has produced an army of young men who are incapable of normal and satisfying sexual activity with real human beings.

Why Baseball Is The Most Catholic Sport – And How You...

Of all professional sports, perhaps no other mirrors Catholicism in so many ways than Baseball. It is a game full beauty, tradition, values, rules, and joy.

QB Russell Wilson Is Descended From A Catholic Saint

Seattle QB Russell Wilson found out on the PBS show “Finding Your Roots” that he is descended from the Catholic Patron Saint of Beer

The Altar Server: A School of Faith

In the case of the altar server, we become more aware of how our gestures are truly powerful means of communication. Even when we do not realize it, how we stand, how we sit, how we move, speaks to those around us: for better or for worse.

First Thoughts on “Amoris Laetitia”

Will Amoris Laetitia end all debate on these matters? Hardly. But it does indeed represent a deft and impressive balancing of the many and often contradictory interventions at the two Synods on the Family. As such, it will be of great service to many suffering souls who come to the Field Hospital.

Pope’s Intention For April 2016: For Small Farmers

"That small farmers may receive just compensation for their invaluable work."

10 Messages From The Virgin Mary That Every Catholic Should Know

Did you know that Mary continues to speak to us today? We would like to share with you a collection of 10 messages from the Virgin Mary that we think every Catholic should know.

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