Just Keep Swimming

Discover what the Finding Dory creator and a little guy from Rhode Island have in common.

How Our Culture Fosters Sexual Predators Like Brock Turner

In the midst of this moral momentum is the invitation for people to open their eyes a little wider to see that the Brock Turner case didn’t happen in a vacuum. Our culture helped to shape his world.

5 Reasons Every Man Should Love Saint Joseph

St. Joseph often slips under the radar because of his quiet demeanor and hidden life. However, he has much to teach us about growing in holiness. Here are 5 reasons to discover St. Joseph.

Saint Joseph And Overcoming the Fear of Fatherhood

I’d often contemplated how difficult things were for Mary but I’d never considered the almost impossible task given to Saint Joseph.

15 Bible Stories Told With Legos

Anything that has to do with Legos seems to draw an immediate interest from kids. Here are 15 videos that share stories from the Bible.

Can I Pray When I Am Angry with God?

In certain situations, one is angry with God because one’s cross seems overwhelming. Can you pray to God when you are mad at him?

Why Offer Your Day To The Lord

We are challenged to give our days and ultimately our lives back to the Giver of Life Himself, to God our Father!

5 Things You’ll Find in Napa This Summer, and Nowhere Else

For four days this July, hundreds of Catholics will flock to Napa Valley. But it won’t be for the wine.

Should Babies With Down Syndrome Be Aborted? This Mom’s Heartfelt Letter...

The beautiful story of a mom who wrote a letter to a doctor who had recommended she get an abortion is now going viral.

4 Lessons on Divine Mercy from the Woman at the Well

Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well shows us four principles regarding the divine mercy.

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