7 Things People In GREAT Marriages Already Know That You Don’t

When married couples follow these seven steps, 4 out of 5 couples report that they are “very happily married”. The remaining 1 out of...

This Toddler Caught Praying On A Baby Monitor Is The Sweetest...

An adorable toddler was caught on a baby monitor saying her prayers at bedtime thanking God for all of the people in her life, including Santa Claus.

10 Habits You’ll Need To Succeed

The Institute for the Psychological Sciences teaches a model of psychology that focuses on more than just correcting unhealthy behaviors. Rather, it looks at...

Hitler’s Secret Plan To Kidnap Pope Pius XII

During World War II, after the Allied forces invaded Italy, Adolf Hitler plotted a secret plan to kidnap Venerable Pope Pius XII.

When To Seek Advice And When To Seek Therapy

Response: William McKenna, M.S.; Clinical Psychology Extern at Catholic Charities Q: I have been struggling with some difficult choices lately and was wondering whether I...

There Are 10,080 Minutes In A Week…Here Are The Most Important...

Have you ever tracked the time you spend every day? Every week? Most people who go through this kind of exercise are surprised that...

You’re Not a Psychiatrist, But You Need These 5 Psychological Tools

There are many jobs that are not strictly in the field of psychology, yet rely heavily on the knowledge and skills that psychology has to offer. Here are 5 tools YOU can use in any profession.

What The U.S. Conference of Bishops Are Asking You To Do

The U.S. Catholic Bishops are asking that all Catholics join them starting January 16, 2016 to begin doing this one thing that could change everything...

9 Reasons You Should Stand Up For Life

Have you heard that the Bishops are asking us to pray for life from January 16-24, a special period of prayer, penance and pilgrimage? Here's 9 reasons you should join in.

Pope’s Intention For January 2016: Inter-religious Dialogue

"That sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice."

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