The Golden Arrow prayer was dictated by Jesus to Sr. Marie of St Peter and of the Holy Family, a Carmelite nun of Tours, in 1843. It is an Act of Praise and Reparation for Blasphemy. It is also a reparation for the profanation of Sunday and the Holy Days of Obligation.
Prayers of reparation are recited with the intent to repair the sins of others, e.g. when the name of Jesus Christ is taken in vain, for the repair of the sin of blasphemy or the insults against and sufferings of Jesus in Calvary. Pope John Paul II referred to reparation as the “unceasing effort to stand beside the endless crosses on which the Son of God continues to be crucified”
Jesus said: “This Golden Arrow will wound My Heart delightfully, and heal the wounds inflicted by blasphemy.”
The Golden Arrow Prayer
May the most holy, most sacred, most adorable,
most incomprehensible and ineffable Name of God
be forever praised, blessed, loved, adored
and glorified in Heaven, on earth,
and under the earth,
by all the creatures of God,
and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.
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      • Pray? To whom? Who’s listening? What can you expect in answer to your so-called prayer, except the waste of that many minutes of your talking to what? The wall?

        What crap!

        Prove to me that any “prayer” has ever been acknowledged let alone answered except internally by the pray-er.

        • silly Tom dismisses prayer without doing any research. Heres a starter for ya Tom. Read about the Jesuits that survived the atom bomb drop. Tom you can do better than remaining in ignorance, I will pray that you will actually take up this offer….or are you just a wall?

        • To Tom: I always wondered, too, if repeat-sinner’s prayers were answered. There’s a Novena (it’s a bit long, but have endurance and patience! It’s not hard and very simple!). The Novena to St. Theresa of the Rose (the Little Flower). She lets her petitioners know if she’s answered their prayers by sending them a Rose. In any form, from anyone. Mine was a Rosary made with crushed Rose petals that my mom bought on a whim and we gave to a friend. I sort of doubted a little (because I wanted a rose. o.O go figure.) but it came in a case with The Little Flower’s Picture on it. 🙂 so I knew for sure it was from her. You can easily google directions for the Novena of the Little Flower and it will give you instructions. Pray it everyday for 9 days, and while praying, thank God, or at least be mindful of the many blessings God gave to St. Theresa in her lifetime. I didn’t even know what those blessings were when I prayed it, and only caught that last part on the last day or so. =/ Still got answered! 🙂 There is proof out there. But you have to be willing to accept it.

  1. Here it is! Did my research. This is a tad different from the Novena I found when I Googled it, and this is the one I did. The one from google changed everyday.

    Recite the Glory Be to the Father prayer 24 times each day of the novena (9)
    in thanksgiving for all the blessings and favors given to St. Therese of the Child Jesus during the 24 years of her life. (feel free to Google her biography. This is directly from the Pieta Prayer Book).

    After each Glory Be, say: “Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, pray for us.”

    Or recite:

    O Little Therese of the Child Jesus, please pick for me a rose from the Heavenly gardens and send it to me as a message of love.
    O Little Flower of Jesus, ask God today to grant the favors I know place with confidence in yoru hands (make requests such as, please help my friend, they’re having a hard time, or please help me with this, world peace, end of hunger, end of abortion, end of violence, etc)
    St. Therese, help me to always believe as you did, in God’s great love for me, so that I might imitate your “Little Way” each day. Amen.

    Act of Faith: My God, grant that i may love Thee and be the only reward of my love to love Thee always more and more. (not sure if that’s part of it. )

    Pray with great confidence, reverence, and devotion. 🙂 Good luck, God bless! 😀


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