Who’s In Hell?


Who’s actually in Hell? The answer may surprise you…

Watch this episode of Made for Glory as Father Michael discusses what the Church teaches about who goes to Hell.

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  1. I thought this was a really good video Father Michael. I’ve always believed that hell is a metaphor and not a physical place. It’s a metaphor for the unimaginable anguish pain one’s soul experiencess after death having chosen to reject God’s love. It must be truly awful to know that it was always within reach, but that an opportunity was lost. Great video.

  2. well you certainly tread lightly on the subject. visionaries have seen the actual place that is hell, with souls dropping into eternal damnation. all ages, young people ect. Never to know a single positive emotion. to lose all hope. I think you need to be clear, it’s for dead souls.

  3. Don’t let anyone let you believe that there is no hell. Hell and Satan are real. The devil who was an angel created by God in the beginning became the first to turn from Almighty God. Lucifer was an archangel who was very close to God, but became jealous of God and turned away from God’s love and decided to sin against God. Jesus our Lord and Savior came down from Heaven to Redeem the world from sin and death that was a result of the evil, hurtful, intentional disrespect against God our Father. We, the people of God can never stop believing that evil and Lucifer still exists and wants to destroy our relationships with Love and Redemption through Jesus Christ. Father Michael is living in a dream world. He better go back and reread whatever propaganda bullshit he was taught in the seminary. We are living in very divisional times. What is considered right from wrong? The Ten Commandments are mocked at and considered to be a farce. This mindset is part of the demon’s strength on earth and will help the demon overcome more souls to eternal damnation in the pit of satan’s world of pain and hate forever.

    • Richard, nothing Fr Michael said contradicts what you say – why are jumping to conclusions, or is your judgment based on other things you have heard him say?


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