Six nuns from the Congregation of Saint Anne, who were tragically abducted in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, have been released after a harrowing five-day ordeal.

The religious sisters, along with two lay individuals, were seized by unidentified gunmen on January 19, sparking international concern and fervent prayers for their safe return.

The archbishop of Port-au-Prince, Max Leroy Mésidor, confirmed their release, expressing profound relief and gratitude. “We give thanks to God! Thank you for your support,” he said to Vatican News, sharing the global outpouring of solidarity and spiritual support that the incident triggered.

The kidnapping, occurring in broad daylight while the victims were traveling by bus, prompted immediate and widespread condemnation.

Pope Francis joined the chorus of voices advocating for the hostages’ release, making a heartfelt appeal during his recent Sunday Angelus. “I have learned with sorrow of the kidnapping in Haiti,” the pontiff said, urging an end to the violence that inflicts deep suffering upon the Haitian people.

The local church and the Haitian Bishops’ Conference rallied the faithful, dedicating January 24 as a Day of Prayer. While the conditions of the release remain unclear, their prayers were answered, marking a rare moment of hope amidst the gang violence and political instability that grips the nation.

Pray for Haiti!


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