Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has publicly denied allegations of abusing a teenager at a wedding in Massachusetts in the 1970s.

This marks the first time McCarrick has spoken publicly since criminal court proceedings began against him.

The alleged victim, identified as James Grein, came forward with allegations of abuse in 2018.

During an interview with, McCarrick stated that the allegations against him were “not true,” but declined to discuss the ongoing criminal case. He suggested that the outlet speak to his lawyers for more information. This is the first time that criminal proceedings have been brought against McCarrick, despite prior accusations of sexual misconduct.

McCarrick’s lawyers recently filed a motion claiming that he is unfit to stand trial due to dementia.

McCarrick’s neurological exam found that he has a “severe cognitive disorder” caused by Alzheimer’s disease, which prevents him from “meaningfully consulting with counsel and effectively participating in his own defense.” Massachusetts authorities have expressed their desire to examine McCarrick’s competency to stand trial.

According to Grein, McCarrick was a close friend of his family and was nicknamed “Uncle Ted.” He alleges that McCarrick sexually and spiritually abused him in various locations, including his home, hotels, and during confession.

🙏 Pray for victims!

Photo credit: Mazur/ via Flickr
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