In a recent development in the decades-long mystery of Emanuela Orlandi’s disappearance, her brother Pietro Orlandi has brought forward a letter that may add a new layer to the case.

Emanuela, who vanished in Rome in 1983 at the age of 15, has been the subject of widespread speculation and investigation. The letter, allegedly from Cardinal Ugo Poletti to a former British government official in 1993, suggests that Emanuela was in London and pregnant, seeking assistance for an abortion.

Pietro Orlandi, who has tirelessly sought answers about his sister’s fate, presented this letter during an interview with the Italian TV show “Verissimo.” He admitted the letter’s authenticity could not be confirmed but argued its plausibility. The letter asks for the official’s help with a “totally unexpected and undesired problem” related to Emanuela, emphasizing the importance of her remaining “alive and in good health.”

This revelation comes amidst three ongoing inquiries into the Orlandi case, involving Italian and Vatican authorities. Pietro remains hopeful, stating, “Until I find her remains, I will always hope to be able to find her again.” He also highlighted the complex web of connections involving the Vatican, international diplomacy, and possibly criminal elements, suggesting Emanuela’s case is far from a simple disappearance.

Critics and supporters alike are watching closely as this new evidence could potentially shift the direction of the investigation, opening up new avenues for solving one of the Vatican’s most enduring mysteries.

Photo credit: PD via Flickr
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