According to the US Religion Census, the Catholic population has grown by nearly 3 million over the past decade in the United States!

The 2010 edition of the religion census found just under 59 million Catholics in the US.

Catholicism is now comprised of 62 million people, the largest religious population in 36 separate states and also the largest religious group across the entire US.

The census found there are about three times as many Catholics as nondenominational Christians or Southern Baptists, the next two largest groups.  However, the number of Catholic congregations is the lowest it’s been in at least 50 years due to consolidation in the US Church.

Interestingly, the latest edition of census discovered that many Catholics have moved to the South.

Political scientist Clifford Grammich from the US Religion Census said:

“Perhaps the most notable changes were by region.

Fifty years ago, 71% of U.S. Catholics were in the Northeast and Midwest; in 2020, 45% were. And the South now has more Catholics than any other region.

I was surprised to see there are now more Catholics than Southern Baptists in Missouri and Virginia.”

The figures further continue Catholics as being the largest religious population in the US for well over a century now.

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