The third century saw the rise of Pope Zephyrinus, a steadfast defender of the Christian faith during times of theological chaos. Here’s a look at his challenges, triumphs, and legacy:

A native Roman, Zephyrinus was born to Habundius. As per the “Liber Pontificalis,” he decreed that ordinations – be it priests, deacons, or clerics – should be conducted in the presence of both the clergy and the laity.

Pope Zephyrinus’s tenure was marked by two significant heresies. Firstly, Theodotus the Tanner, despite being excommunicated by Pope St. Victor, continued to advocate that Christ wasn’t the true Son of God. Meanwhile, Praxeas challenged the Church’s belief in the Trinity, suggesting that there weren’t three distinct Persons but merely three modes of one essence.

While Zephyrinus wasn’t a philosopher, he remained unwavering in upholding the teachings passed down from the Apostles. Throughout this turmoil, he also found a reliable counsel in Calixtus, who later succeeded him as Pope.

Eusebius’s “Ecclesiastical History” recounts an engaging story from this era. Despite his excommunication, Theodotus the Tanner created his own church, supported by another Theodotus (a banker) and Asclepediotus. They appointed Natalius, a former confessor and victim of torture for his faith, as their bishop. Lured by a stipend and the allure of the title, Natalius initially ignored divine visions warning him against this path. However, a stern nocturnal intervention by angels made him rethink. Repenting, he sought forgiveness from Pope Zephyrinus, adorned in sackcloth and ashes.

Apart from heresy, Zephyrinus also grappled with external threats. Emperor Septimius Severus, initially amiable, grew hostile, eventually prohibiting conversions to Christianity.

Pope Zephyrinus, remembered as a martyr, was laid to rest on August 26 in his own cemetery. To honor his dedication and faith, the Church celebrates his feast on the same day.

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  1. Blessings day
    I ask our fhather to pray for me I am a new christian I chnged my religion from Muslim to Christian after I saw jusuc in that day and always I see the light please how seen this massage you must tel the nearest church of god praying for me I need to leave this plece orbI need to the Church for be here or to the father come to me here and be besid me until I get out here I am live in Saudi Arabia I live in Mohammed provit place Mohammad the provit of the god for Arabs or for Muslim exactly this is my grandfater home after they leave Africa I dont whach part of Africa they say for it but in Nigeria and part of chad and some of family stay here for Islam because that they leaves them orgnel cuntrie and some of them go out Saudi Arabia my father said to me that and I meet my uncle ofer there because this is a Mohammed part we can be here for a long time I need stay near from our lord I lived a good live in that time in ryadh when the father was there the and the people how served Church how served god and his soon and all they prayes received about Holly spirit until the god comes to me and saying wake up becuse people in that time I was want to die like Jesus I was want to go be up whith the god in his place but he said to me wake up because pepoole or for people maybe that was the father prayer or my our lord Jesus praise ilI don’t know what was is that but that what hapeend and from thaht time my lives were okay prevect in under control until that day I don’t know what happened in Makka the one of god homes ofer there for Muslims people I don’t know what happened exactly but my I lost my life from that day I become a week and alone all Persons they was working for our lives to be good they became outside the circles outside the univers like the evil getting them and or he Saved them meby they is one of kind of engels I don’t think that becous I fill the engel is with me they available around me and my boss up from me without much talking maybe they called our father because i lost my lives from that day and in the quran theb proved Mohammed book of god there is a verge saying in the meaning the live lost when someone killed and from that day the evils people they became out they became with us and they be inside human and they just laughed they just laughed in colseng I need a prayer to juasu by neam his mother for let god his father to keeping our graces and for help the father getting out the monten and back for us again to be with the god and he part of the university really it’s true it’s reality the god was with us and around us becus the father prayed to Jesus to askeed th god his father to stay in down place of unveres because he makes the devil and he let he living with people and around them and he must to see waht the devil makes in the unvers and until we go out his part I mean devil and let the people choose and we need the devil going out our planet and to be front of god and we live our life whith our lord and his son Jesus and you must praying to don’t leave us and the our lives in said behind he and don’t to pray for the students the Jesus provide and praise for persones they let them lives to serve us becuse the father and all his life was working until juses come down and choosing us that was father praying I think that because that our lives were good betiffel and nice and the devil chose this place to be near from his people and the last place the god was in it please prayer by name of god and his soon and holaysperit to the father go out the mountain and he back to us a gain to praise for us to be a one of god to judges in the end by way I killed a female sheep and the people how bleave proves jesuse and they heard his messenger they Eat from it until he he was there that time and he eats from it because thaht you must killed a male sheep looking for a plece there is people they chose Jesus they believe his farther they saw the lighting and they wait the father back they knows he choose mombasa and looking abut the place and let people god eat from it and prais for the god by neam his son and holay spreit to let the father go out the mountain and he prary for the god to take the devil up in his place near from he a front of he and his sons alwayes near for us to judges and send people how choose the god they go to the his father and the send people how they chose devil to he and the will finde what tha gods promised and just people bleave he they stay a live and how bleave his proveds they just stay in this plant and enyone without that or he was with devil and they worked for he they shold die they must go to the devel and his place all of we known what is he place and he will be up with god and he will come to the pepol in the dreams and they howvnot knowing he they will do what he wants soory abut this long time I for this message but it’s truth it’s realy and anyone bleave me or he knowing abut what I tlhaking he when the all fathers prayer and the angeles praise too with them and Jesus become in the unvers we will hear the prayers and we must just say amen and just the caholderns and kids they will live and ofcurs the people they serve divel and they stop it serving he and they prayed for the god to forgive them and he does they will be get a live but them live goes hurry when the eneyone of them he did like he will pass away and ofcurse I won’t forget I caled to yoy my friend The Jew how with out more takling we need to this prayer for end all this to end all bad things it hurt us and made us tired people or let me daie or go on after I knows all that and for be knowing all people around me they knows I be a Christian and after this masseg a will send an email to the saudi kingdom government and I will tell him and asking him to let me go out Saudi Arabia and you must know my friend my father said to me before he died you will chnge your religion for he and he said to me take your monay kash .
    With out more talking just how read this massage pleas tell the from any means he service the church or he saved it pray to our father get outside the montin and the devil bake to his home the part of fair and his people going with he please by name of god and his son and holy spirit giving us a new life or let me die its a time and to be in knowledge my wife is a Mausalim she is honestly wife she dose’nt hear for he she staying with me and basid me until know it’s a time let us heared the prayers lets the yours prayers change the worled again and I pressed them when they see theb rains that means moneybe for service the goodnees people of thim they believe the taim just do it the engels around you and the Jesus he will come for he do whats the god said in this books3 books3pleases ( the one of god and his son )


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