Why Do Catholics “Worship Mary”?


Hint: They don’t.

Father Nixon explains the relationship Catholics have with Mary, the Mother of God

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  1. Awesome explanation. Thank you! It’s unfortunate that we still have to explain this to the world 500 year after the reformation.

  2. Thank you for this explanation. I work with a lot of Protestants Christians who truly love the Lord Jesus and on some occasions we have shared our beliefs and compared the differences that they have with the Catholic Church. I’ve been ask on several occasions that very question as to why we Catholics worship Mary. I’ve always answered that we do not worship her but we pray to her asking for her to pray for us. Now I will be able to add more to my explanation. Thank you once again. God bless.

    • First of all the Catholics are the only Christians. I was once a Protestant seeking Jesus Christ I was lead into the Catholic Church totally Supernatural.. Catholics need to stand up and tell Protestant they’re not even Christians God never changed his church he never told Martin Luther to change the Bible. The man took out 7 books where Protestants are ignorant of the entire Bible. Jesus Christ established One Church universal meaning Catholic. I’m tired of Catholics not telling Protestants they’re not Christians there’s only one way to Salvation and that’s through the Catholic Church.. through the Catholic Church you must be working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

      • I am proud of your explanation!
        I am a cradle Catholic and know full well that I am a Catholic Christian .
        Thank you for saying this!
        I’m not afraid to say it and nor should any other Catholic.

  3. Majybe they do maybe not but the emphasis on mary overshadows christ, in europe there are more statues abd icons of her than jesus, she is taken over, not right. She wasnt assumed and she doesnt intercede snd not co redemptess or mediatrox

    • Tom,

      Look at it in a different way.
      In the Annunciation, Mary is visited by the Angel Gabriel.
      She lived according to The will of God alone.
      Not her own.
      Without her, we would not have the new arch of the covenant. She bore the Son of God in her womb. It is said, if the land Jesus walked on was holy, just imagine the womb he came from.
      She is definitely part of “Salvation History”. We must follow her example to be lead to her Son. Our Salvation and Redeemer of this world we live in. Honor her and hold her in high esteem for without her we would not have Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of the world.

      Try listening to EWTN on the radio! I’m in Missouri and on AM Radio its on 1090 and/or1190.
      It’s very informative when Dr David Anders is on.
      Listen for the segment that is for non-Catholics. He answers questions all the time. I hope this helps you reason this subject.


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