5 of the Earliest Non-Biblical References to Jesus

There are many secular and non-Christian writings from just shortly after His Ascension all the way to the fifth century that describe the Earthly Life of Jesus. What do these writings have to offer to us? Here are five of the earliest non-Biblical references to Jesus Christ.

Did You Know? Bluetooth Is Named After the First Christian Viking...

Bluetooth is a household name with its iconic logo present on almost every device we own. But have you ever wondered just how Bluetooth got its bizarre name? It turns out we owe the namesake to the first Christian Viking king.

The Miraculous Grotto Where Mary Breastfed Jesus

When the Holy Family fled Egypt from Herod's soldiers, they rested in a grotto near Bethlehem before continuing on their journey. Tradition says when Mary nursed the Baby Jesus, a single drop of milk fell on the ground, miraculously turning the entire cave a pure white.

The Obscure Rule That Allows a Person to Ride a Horse...

Every year, almost five million Christians make pilgrimage to the Vatican to celebrate and grow in their Faith, and to see the many sites rich in the history of the Church. However, there is one site any visitor would probably never think they would see - a horse.

The Only Man That Was the Pope More Than Once

Becoming pope is literally a once in a life time honor. So much so that old Church traditions would have the pontiff-elect refuse the office twice to show proper reverence before finally accepting. Would you believe a man was pope not only once or twice, but three times?

Where Did the Holy Family Go In Egypt?

The Bible lends little information as to the whereabouts of the Holy Family in Egypt, but tradition marks a few sites.

Is This the Same Manger That Jesus Was Placed In?

Everyone has seen a nativity scene during the Christmas season, and knows that when the inn had no room, Mary laid the Holy Child in a manger. While a great deal of relics from the time of Christ have been lost to history, do any remain of the manger?

Which Bible Should I Use? A List of Approved Catholic Translations

With over one hundred English translations of the Bible available today, how do we know which to use? Here's a list of approved translations a Catholic can choose from.

Why Hasn’t This Ladder On The Holy Sepulchre Been Moved in...

Every year, hundreds make pilgrimage to the Holy See to see the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Attentive onlookers might notice an inconspicuous ladder under one window, except this is no normal ladder - it has remained in placed for almost 300 years.

Did the Old Testament Really Prophesize the Birth of Jesus?

Some theologians place the number of Messianic Old Testament prophecies in the hundreds. How do we know that the birth of Jesus Christ fulfilled the long foretold prophecies in the promise of God to send a savior and Messiah?