Watch The Moment A Child Asks Pope Francis If His Atheist...

Watch the touching moment A tearful child asks if his recently deceased atheist father is in Heaven.

New Catholic App For Kids Is A Game-Changer For Parents

Every parent knows that trying to keep a young child's attention is no easy task! For every parent who has tried to sit their...

New Study: Christianity Is Rapidly Dying in Europe

Results from a recently released research study reveal that Christianity is dying out in Europe, as young people are seemingly turning away from the faith at record rates.

No, Pope Francis Did Not Say That Hell Isn’t Real.

News outlets and social media are abuzz with reports that Pope Francis denied the reality of Hell. Is there an ounce of truth to any of these statements? Of course not, Hell is most definitely real and Pope Francis didn't say anything on the contrary.

Planned Parenthood Tweets “We Need A Disney Princess Who’s Had An...

In a detestable, but characteristically callous, tweet a Planned Parenthood branch in Pennsylvania tweeted that Disney needs to create a princess "who's had an abortion". The...

Watch: Thousands March for Life in Pope Francis’ Home Country of...

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered last Sunday in Pope Francis' home country of Argentina to come together and march for the "Great Rally for Life" after President Macri said he would not veto any bill passed by Congress that would legalize abortion.

Pope Francis Speaks out Against Prostitution: “It’s Torture.”

Pope Francis spoke out against prostitution last Monday, calling it a "crime against humanity," and asked for forgiveness from society for those with a "sick mentality" that frequent prostitutes.

What Causes Young People to Convert? Beautiful Churches and Cathedrals, Says...

According to a recently released study, visiting beautiful churches and cathedrals are one of the top reasons that influences the youth across the globe in deciding to convert to Christianity.

Pope Francis Institutes New Feast: Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary,...

Pope Francis has made an ancient devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary a fixed feast celebration in the Roman Calendar, to be celebrated annually the Monday following Pentecost.

Pope Francis’ Advice for Mass? “Put Your Phone Away”

Pope Francis says seeing so many members of the Faithful with their cell phones out makes him sad when he celebrates Mass in the Vatican. His advice? "Remember: no phones."

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