Pope Francis Urges Renewed Hope in Combating Modern Slavery in Lenten...

Pope Francis' Lenten message called for action against modern slavery, emphasizing hope, conversion, and the need for societal and personal growth! 🙏

Haiti Celebrates Release of Kidnapped Catholic Nuns

Six Catholic nuns kidnapped in Haiti were released five days later, after Pope Francis and others worldwide prayed for their safe return 👉

US Catholic Bishops Rally Against Online Child Exploitation

Online child exploitation and the threat it poses to children's safety have become increasingly prevalent due to the widespread use of the Internet and...

Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome Provides Lifesaving Care to Children from...

Italian hospitals, led by Bambino Gesù in Rome, are treating over 100 children from Gaza, offering essential medical care amidst the Israel-Hamas war 👉

Vatican Approves Devotion to Our Lady Rose Mystica

The Vatican has approved the devotion to Our Lady Mystical Rose of Montichiari, confirming that the apparitions align with Church teaching 🌹

Pope Francis Appoints 3 New Bishops in China

Pope Francis consecrated three new Chinese bishops in a week, making progress in the controversial 2018 Vatican-China deal on bishop appointments 👉

Pope Francis Offers Prayers for Moscow Terror Attack Victims During Palm...

Pope Francis dedicated prayers to the victims of the terror attack in Moscow, calling for peace and the conversion of perpetrators during Palm Sunday Mass 👉

Pope Francis Advocates for Negotiation in Ukraine-Russia War, Vatican Clarifies Intent

The Vatican clarified that Pope Francis's mention of "the courage of the white flag" aimed to promote a ceasefire and dialogue, not surrender.

Pope Francis Calls for Global Action on 10th World Day Against...

Pope Francis called for global action against human trafficking, marking the 10th World Day of Prayer and Awareness with the message of "Listen, Dream, Act" 👉

DC Cardinal Gregory Critiques President Biden’s Selective Adherence to Catholic Faith

Cardinal Wilton Gregory criticized Biden's selective observance of Church teachings, especially on life issues, like a "cafeteria Catholic."