The Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome, a beacon of hope and medical excellence, is currently treating a group of children from Gaza, offering them critical medical care unavailable in their homeland.

This humanitarian mission, which resonates with the hospital’s ethos of providing care regardless of religion or financial status, is a part of a larger initiative involving various Italian hospitals.

Tiziano Onesti, the President of Bambino Gesù Hospital, emphasized the hospital’s commitment to welcoming everyone, telling RomeReports, “We provide healthcare for all children in a special way, but here the door is always open for everyone.”

The children, accompanied by family members, arrived in Italy through a coordinated effort that involved crossing into Egypt and then flying to Rome. On arrival, they were greeted by ambulances and healthcare professionals ready to provide immediate care. This journey, described by Fr. Ibrahim Faltas, Vicar of the Custody of the Holy Land, has been transformative for the children, who said to RomeReports “they came out of hell and they came here to Italy.”

This initiative is a response to the dire situation in Gaza, where increasing hunger and nearly non-existent medical care have left many in desperate need of assistance. With the support of the Italian government and the collaboration of the Custody of the Holy Land, over 100 children are expected to receive medical treatment in Italy. Hospitals such as Gaslini Hospital in Genoa, Rizzoli Hospital in Bologna, and Meyer Hospital in Florence are participating in this mission.

The arrival of these children in Italy marks a significant milestone in international humanitarian efforts. Pray for peace!


Photo credit: Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù via Flickr
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