Pope Francis has once again vocalized his support for blessing same-sex couples, emphasizing the importance of respect and love over judgment.

This affirmation came during an exclusive interview with the Italian magazine Credere, shedding light on the Vatican’s recent document, Fiducia Supplicans, which grants priests the ability to offer blessings to same-sex couples and others in unconventional relationships.

Pope Francis criticized the double standards he perceives, saying, “No one is scandalized if I give a blessing to an entrepreneur who perhaps exploits people… Whereas they are scandalized if I give it to a homosexual… This is hypocrisy!”

His comments highlight a call for a more compassionate and less judgmental Church, echoing his famous sentiment of “Who am I to judge?” when questioned about his stance on homosexuality.

The Pope clarified that these blessings are not endorsements of same-sex marriages but rather an acknowledgment of the individuals’ love and humanity. “I bless two people who love each other and I also ask them to pray for me,” he explained, emphasizing the personal nature of these blessings over the formal recognition of their union.

Despite facing pushback, notably from African bishops and traditional Catholics, Pope Francis remains committed to his path of fostering an environment of acceptance and understanding. He hopes that critics will eventually see the value in these blessings, acknowledging the unique challenges faced in regions with stringent anti-homosexuality laws.

Photo credit: xbrchx / Shutterstock.com
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