Pope Francis has openly expressed his apprehensions regarding the ongoing developments within the Catholic Church in Germany. His concerns, detailed in a recent letter, focus on the potentially divisive direction the German Church is taking, particularly with its push to establish a Synodal Council. This move, according to the Pope, poses a significant threat to the unity of the Church worldwide.

In his communication, dated November 10 and addressed to four former German delegates who withdrew from the synodal process, Pope Francis stressed that the establishment of such a council is not congruent with the sacramental structure of the Catholic Church. He reminded that a directive from the Holy See on January 16, 2023, which he personally approved, explicitly prohibited its formation.

The German Synodal Path, initiated in 2019, has been a subject of controversy, primarily for its progressive stance on issues like same-sex unions, women’s ordination, and changes in church governance. Pope Francis, in his letter, emphasized the need for the Church to remain rooted in “prayer, penance, and adoration,” urging a focus on outreach to marginalized communities rather than internal restructuring.

His concerns are not new. Previously, in a 2019 letter to the Pilgrim People of Germany, Pope Francis called for a focus on evangelization and faith’s renewal. He reiterated these sentiments in his recent correspondence, stating, “I firmly believe that in these places, the Lord will guide us.”

The Pope’s stance represents a clear directive to the German Church, urging a reconsideration of their current trajectory to ensure alignment with the broader Catholic Church’s principles and structure.

His call for unity and adherence to traditional values underscores the Vatican’s commitment to maintaining doctrinal consistency across the global Catholic community.

Pray for unity in the Church!


Editorial credit: nitpicker / Shutterstock.com
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