Pope Saint Evaristus, recognized as the fifth pope, served from around 97 to 105 AD. He is also referred to as Aristus. Unfortunately, there is scant information available about Saint Evaristus.

He took over the papal responsibilities from St Clement in the See of Rome during Emperor Trajan’s rule, guiding the Church for nearly eight years as the fourth individual to follow in St. Peter’s footsteps.

According to the Liber Pontificalis, Evaristus was the offspring of a Greek Jew hailing from Bethlehem. He notably contributed to the organization of the Church in Rome, segmenting the city into various “titles” or parishes, each overseen by its own priest. In addition, he established seven deacons to serve the city. Although he is commonly referred to as a martyr, there is no conclusive evidence to confirm his martyrdom. It is widely believed that Saint Evaristus was laid to rest close to Saint Peter’s tomb in the Vatican. His legacy is commemorated annually on October 26, marking his feast day.

Photo credit: Totoi via Wikimedia Commons
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