Catholic Saint of the Day

Catholic Saint of the Day

Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen

Former lawyer who joined the Capuchins, and was sent as a missionary to the Calvinists. Martyred in 1622. St. Fidelis is usually represented in art with a crucifix and with a wound in the head; his emblem is a bludgeon. His feast is kept on 24 April.

Saint George

St. George, born in Syria Palaestina, was a soldier in the army of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, and he was one of the Emperor's favorite soldiers.He was martyred for confronting the Emperor about his persecution of Christians. He is one the most venerated Martyrs, in both the East and West.

Pope Saint Caius

We have little definite information about Pope St. Caius. Iit was said that he was a relative of the Emperor Diocletian and was also an uncle of an unidentified holy Susanna. He also made up the final structure of the lower orders.

Saint Anselm, Doctor of the Church

St. Anselm (1033-1109), monk, abbot, philosopher, theologian, Archbishop of Canterbury, Doctor of the Church.

Saint Agnes of Montepulciano

St. Agnes of Montepulciano, a holy virgin, was born in 1268 in a little village near Montepulciano, Italy, of the wealthy family of De Segni. Her birth was announced by great lights surrounding the house...

Pope Saint Leo IX

Pope Leo IX (1049-1054) worked for reform in the Church chiefly against simony, concubinage, and lay investiture. Upon his election to the Papacy he entered Rome as a simple traveler, and became known as the Pilgrim Pope.

Saint Apollonius the Apologist

St. Apollonius was a Roman senator, a man of high social standing, and very erudite. He was publicly denounced as a Christian and brought before Perennis, the praetorian prefect, and told he must renounce his faith or die.Despite his eloquent defense, Apollonius's legs were crushed and then he was beheaded.

Pope Saint Anicetus

Pope St. Anicetus, the 11th pope, succeeded St. Pius towards the year c. 153, and reigned till about 168. He condemned Montanism, conferred with St. Polycarp on the Paschal date controversy, and forbade priests from growing their hair. He was martyred and is venerated on April 17.

Saint Bernadette Soubirous

St. Bernadette Soubirous is the saint of Lourdes, France. Visionary and messenger of the Immaculate Conception, she told us the very words of the Virgin Mary. She spoke words teaching of the merits of prayer, penance, poverty and church. In the first and most widely recognized Marian apparition of modern times, a personal message was delivered also to Bernadette—She would not find happiness in this world, but only in the next.

Saint Hunna

Called “the Holy Washerwoman,” a noblewoman who devoted herself to the poor of Strasbourg, France. The daughter of a duke and wife of Huno of Hunnaweyer, she even washed the poor, hence her name. She was canonized in 1520 by Pope Leo X.