Scientists Who Opened Christ’s Tomb Detect Mysterious Readings That Support Shroud...

Scientific instruments used by scientists were affected by strong electromagnetic disturbances which may support theories on the creation of the Shroud of Turin

Pope Francis Shares Heroic Story Of Sister Catherine Wanza

Sister Catherine has housed, educated, and loved almost 3,000 boys in Nairobi over the past 20 years almost single-handed.

Pope Francis Says Mercy Is “More Effective Than Walls”

In a Facebook messenger chat via Missio's PopeBot, addressing the cultural collision being created by migrants fleeing war-torn conflict zones, Pope Francis said that...

Pope Francis Permanently Grants All Priests Power To Forgive Abortion

In his Apostolic Letter "Misericordia et Misera", marking the end of the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis permanently granted the power to forgive abortions to all Priests.

The Tomb Of Jesus Is Opened For The First Time Centuries;...

For the first time nearly half a millennia, the tomb of Jesus, the rock upon which he was laid after the Crucifixion, and from where He Resurrected, has been opened.

Breaking News: The Basilica of Saint Benedict Has Been Destroyed By...

The 13th-century Basilica of Saint Benedict, built on the site of the birthplace of Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica in Norcia, has been destroyed in a...

Vatican Issues New Guidelines on Cremation And Christian Burial

The Vatican issued a new document, which upholds its teaching on cremation and the conservation of the ashes in cases of cremation.

Leaked Emails Show Clinton Staffers Mocking, Scheming To Undermine Catholic Teaching

In emails released by Wikileaks, John Podesta, Chairman of Hilary Clinton's presidential campaign, is shown discussing how to undermine Catholic teaching and mocking Catholics who hold to Church teaching.

Pope Francis Gives Advice On How To Vote In Upcoming Election

During a press conference on his return flight from Azerbaijan, Pope Francis gave some solid advice on how to vote in an election where both...

Pope Francis Make Surprise Visit To Hospital

As part of his now regular Friday Year of Mercy initiatives,  Pope Francis made a surprise visit to the San Giovanni hospital in Rome. While at...

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